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Sweet Delight

Dessert Rose

Available in 30ml Spray

Released: 2022

Sweet Delight is inspired by the famous pink rosewater infused middle eastern sweet. I have smelled several 'loukhoum' or 'turkish delight' scents, but they failed to capture the pink and rosey elements, and kind of just smelled like sweet almond. I have endeavoured to make a gourmand scent that gives the rose note the attention it deserves. Sweet delight is only for sweet tooths that enjoy vanilla/rose combos and features a hefty dose of Kazanlak Rose absolute from Bulgaria as well as Moroccan Rose Absolute. 

Image by Maria Teneva



Gentle Almond




Vanilla, Retro Amber, Musk

Sweet Delight was mainly made as a bespoke perfume for myself. I have made only four bottles available as a 'pilot' to scope interest in making more. Like most of my perfumes, this is micro-batch and truly like wearing a unique personal piece. 

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