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Sandalwood Dream

Available in 30ml Spray

Released: 2020

'We're all following a strange melody, we're all summoned by a tune.

We're following the piper and we dance beneath the moon...'

Sub Luna is inspired by the song 'The Piper' by ABBA. In the lyrics, there is a short phrase repeated in latin;

'sub luna saltamus' - 'we dance beneath the moon'. Sub Luna is a fruity-woody composition with a floral heart. 




Apricot, Peach, Milky Notes, Cinnamon


Bulgarian Rose Absolute, Jasmine Sambac, Osmanthus, Tagetes


Sandalwood (Australian Santalum Album), Oakwood, Amyris, Incense, Musk

The composition begins with a fruity accord of apricot, which represents a giant yellow full moon hanging low in the early evening sky.


The floral notes represent the hypnotising melodies played by the Piper.


Lastly, the rich and intoxicating woody base supporting the whole composition brings to life the forest landscape 'beneath the moon' where the people dance. 

About the ingredients

Sub Luna is full of natural ingredients. 
The apricot is made of natural isolates. The florals are all natural absolutes and essential oils. 
There is a huge amount of natural Australian sandalwood in the base.

A very small amount of select synthetic materials has been used to balance and smoothen the overall composition.

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