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Image by Nick Fewings


Mandarin Cologne

Incense Amber
Available in 30ml Spray

Released: 2022

A scent dedicated to church-style incense. I always intended to create another scent after Orientalist that focused more on the incense, unclouded by the citrus and spices. Sagrada (Família) is named after the famous cathedral in Barcelona. Like its qwerky hybrid architecture, the perfume is warm, inviting and welcoming.

Image by Mesh



Siberian Fir, Elemi


Frankincense(s), Virginian Cedarwood


Amber Accord (feat. Benzoin Siam, Organic Vanilla Absolute, Cyrprian Labdanum)

Sagrada features two complex and almost completely natural accords: a new amber accord developed over several years with very special materials; and an incense cluster that uses several high-quality resin distillations. My perfumes are made in micro batches of 5-15 bottles at a time, so it's practically like wearing a bespoke hand-made piece.

Image by Luca Bravo
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