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Image by Gaston Roulstone


Mandarin Cologne

Mandarin Cologne
Available in 30ml Spray

Released: 2022

RAVI is the Sanskrit word for SUN. When a friend asked me for a perfume recommendation with a mandarin note, I thought I would give it a go making my own.

Most of the citrus scents I've tried in department stores use notes that smell more like cleaning products than natural citrus oils. Then again, natural citrus materials are known to only last a short period of time because of their volatility (evaporates quickly).

Here is my humble attempt at a mandarin cologne, with the limitations of citrus in mind and not resorting to strong lemon aroma chemicals. There is, like always, a hefty dose of natural materials, as well as a small selection of synthetic materials to give the perfume a bit more substance.

RAVI is a very limited edition for now.

Image by Alexander Mils



Mandarin, Bergamot, Lemon


Mandarin, A touch of florals


Sandalwood, Musk, Woods

Image by insung yoon
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