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100% Natural Jam Rose
Available in 30ml Spray

Released: 2020

The dressing room was abandoned long ago... only the ghosts of forgotten memories remain. 

On a dresser overrun with ivy lay several cracked crystal containers and a powder case.

One bottle still contains liquid, preserved through time by its isolation from heat and light. 



Yuzu, Petitgrain, Pink Pepper



Rose de Mai, Taif Rose, Precious Boronia



Amber, Oud, Rum


The composition opens with 'blunted' citrus notes to represent aged top notes. The strange tang of Japanese yuzu is used to create this effect.

A very generous amount of rose absolute has been used in the middle, paired with rare Australian boronia, that I can only describe as a 'floralised oakmoss'. 

The rich and heavy base mimics aged amber, through the addition of expensive Jamaican Rum CO2, Lavander Absolute and Oud. 

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