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Resinous Glory
Available in 35ml & 30ml Spray

Released: 2019

An ode to the eclectic gentleman of a bygone era of refinement, The Orientalist is an arresting blend of resins and aromatics. The perfume opens with succulent notes of oranges and cardamom. At its heart are resinous woods and incense warmed by lingering clove. The perfume settles into an ambery base reminiscent of suave powdered and scented dandies of the early 20th century. Refined and elegant, yet dangerous and seductive, this initial offering from Kirrin James harkens to a mysterious yet exotic bygone era of suave masculinity.



Tangerine, Blood Orange, Cardamom, Clove


Frankincense from Oman, Somalia, Ethiopia & India

Black Spruce, Ginger, Nutmeg


Fossil Amber Resin, Myrrh, Styrax, Labdanum, Benzoin, Sandalwood, Cedarwood



Orientalism was about idealising something that was far away, particularly exoticising 'the East' in 'Western' society. Although looked down upon today, Orientalism plays a significant part in history, inspiring art, fashion, design and literature for hundreds of years. 

The perfume aims to conjure the sentiments and excitement of a time before aviation, when the average European would dream of adventure and exploration in 'the orient'.


About the Ingredients

Orientalist is 97% natural.
A generous amount of high quality frankincense oil has been used in the composition, including Somalian Boswellia Carterii (CO2 extraction), Omani Boswellia Sacra (Hojari Essential Oil), Organic Ethiopian Boswellia Rivae and Organic Indian Boswellia Serrata. A combination of Ginger CO2 and Ginger Absolute also adds a rich spiciness to the Fossilised Amber Resin from Sweden and creamy myrrh oil. The sandalwood is Santalum Album from Australia, and adds smoothness. I hope you enjoy these wonderful materials.

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