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All my perfumes are created to be worn by everyone, I prefer to use the term genderless. I believe we should not be influenced by pre-determined labels, rather we should be guided by what we love and what most resonates with us. 


The materials used in my perfumes originate from all over the world. However, I try to purchase as many as possible from Australian suppliers to support the local economy. I also use a large percentage of natural essential oils, absolutes and resinoids. This results in the strong perfume colours you see; a characteristic of natural materials - so just be careful on light clothing! 

I believe that synthetic aromatic materials are a great asset to the perfumer's palette, and certainly don't rule them out if they aid achieved a desired effect in a composition. However, as a matter of personal preference, I simply lean towards the use of mostly natural ingredients. This means that prices may be a little higher than usual, but rest assured all products are of high quality.


Please note that I do not use IFRA standards. It is unlikely that my perfume will cause any adverse reactions, but if unsure, or known allergies exist to essential oils, please test a small amount of perfume on skin before full use. Proper, external-only usage is the sole responsibility of the user. I always test my perfume on my own skin. 

I will always use left over recycled packing boxes & materials before new ones. All bottles are currently also reusable / refillable. 

About the Perfumer 

Born in Queensland, Australia, Kirrin James is a self-taught perfumer. Kirrin's first indie scent 'Orientalist' was released in 2019. Prior to this he completed a course with UK Perfume School teacher, Karen Gilbert, to learn the bare-bones basics of perfumery. Countless hours were spent researching materials and blending ingredients at home. Kirrin does not believe in aggressive or mass marketing. Instead he prefers to produce one of a kind scents purely for art's sake for the appreciation of smaller groups of fragrance lovers and artisanal craft supporters.

"I've never been a person who is content with just passively admiring arts and culture. Being a curious one, I've always wanted to have a go and try new things myself, especially when it comes to music, arts and culture, even if just purely for the fun of it. This has led me to some interesting hobbies over the years, including song writing, choral singing, learning the Indian Tabla drum, as well as learning a few languages on the side."


"In recent years, my fascination has been completely fixated on perfume and it's one that just won't budge. It seemed the perfect way to put a piece of my artistic self out into the world, without having to stand on a stage (I'm fairly shy...) Perfumery is truly an art form I can admire and I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy other people's art in all forms. This isn't just a commercial activity for me, I love perfume and will always try to remain fair in my quality and price."

- Kirrin

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